Confirmed: That Was Brian Knobbs From The Nasty Boys At The MLB Winter Meetings

Turns out that was Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs today at the MLB Winter Meetings and he’s there doing what all good businessmen do at the Winter Meetings: he’s looking to make money. Tommy Viola of the Charlotte Knights tells me Knobbs, 53, is looking to book appearances at parks during the 2018 season.
By now you’ve heard of former wrestlers appearing at MiLB parks to sign autographs, take a few pics and take dads back to their youth when the Nasty Boys were tearing up the WWF and eventually WCW. You might remember those wars with the Bushwackers.

Wrestler Gangrel said this about Knobbs back in October:

“I didn’t think Brian Knobbs could but he did,” Gangrel said. “Have you seen Brian lately? He’s like super lean (and) he turned his life around because he was in really bad health too. He was real sick in and out of the hospital (and) he’s doing well (and now) he looks good. I think anyone can do anything after all those years (and) it’s just how much you want to live or die or not—I mean, if you’re done living then go keep drinking.”

Here's Dee Gordon Hard At Work Learning Center Field
Here's Dee Gordon Hard At Work Learning Center Field
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