Wesley Matthews Handed Celtics Bettors One Of the Worst Bad Beats You'll See

I’m not sure what degenerates out there are betting random Wednesday NBA games in the middle of December, but I’m not here to judge and if you had the Celtics sitting at -7.5, I would like to offer my deepest condolences because this is as bad a beat as they come.
There is nothing worse than the garbage time, meaningless bucket/TD when the game is clearly out of hand and there’s no chance of actually winning. A lot of money is being exchanged today because Wesey Matthews¬†wanted to pad those stats with an extra three ball at the buzzer.

Brutal. Just brutal. Thoughts and prayers to all of those degenerates out there today who are questioning their life decisions.
And if you had the Mavs, you’re a lucky son of a bitch.

Reminds me of this one from back in April

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