We Had An All-Time Bad Gambling Beat In The NBA Last Night

Let me preface this by saying that if you’re gambling on NBA games late this late into the season, you’re a true degenerate. With the regular season winding down, you don’t want to be betting these games because weird shit happens. Team rest players, teams are trying to tank, it’s just never smart.
And with that said, if you bet the Knicks last night you might be wanting to kill yourself today because it might be one of the worst bad beats in the history of gambling. The spread was at 12 or 12.5 depending on the book you were using, and some rookie on the Grizzlies in garbage time goes out and does this with the clock winding down.
BRUTAL. Just brutal. Let’s pour one out for all of those who had the Knicks last night.

The Knicks weren’t happy about it either, but for different reasons

Respecting the end of the game has been hot in streets now since Lance Stephenson got the Raptors riled up. The Knicks weren’t happy with that shot either.
Quotes from the NY Daily News:

“By the time I got over there to that area he was already trying to get the crowd hyped and walking through the tunnel. Like nobody is getting hyped for you, bro,” Lee said. “You just shot the ball at the end because you wanted to score 100 points. Nobody is going to remember you or that shot.”
Lee was ultimately eased by Grizzlies players who said they’d lecture Baldwin, a 21-year-old rookie, who played less than three minutes Friday.
“I guess he was hungry,” Lee said. “Mike Conley, Marc (Gasol) and Vince (Carter), they told me they were going to say something to him in the locker room. So I just let them handle that.”
“We’ll see them next year. But (Baldwin) might be in the D-League.”
“You don’t do that. You saw what happened with Lance Stephenson and the Pacers,” Lee said. “I mean, everybody has seen that and for him to do that, it’s like what are you doing it for, bro?”

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