Clay & Britt Go Out, Big 12 Title Game Bloody Sooners Fan, Bama Kitten In A Sweater

Want a real 2017 story that shouldn’t shock any of us?

You have to see Timothy’s mugshot. From the Las Vegas Sun:

After a heated argument with his mother over laundry, a man set her front door on fire, trapping the woman with toxic smoke that blanketed her North Las Vegas house, according to an arrest report.

During the argument, Timothy Colton threatened the 66-year-old woman, who uses a walker, telling her he would kill her and burn her house in the 3100 block of Sunrise Cove Avenue, near Simmons Street and Ann Road, according to a North Las Vegas Police arrest report.

Laundry! We’re talking about laundry! Suck it up, snowflake!!@!!

Numbers from :

Feeling eye fatigue from checking twitter all day??

Try the 20/20/20 Rule.

Every ~20 minutes look at least 20 ft away for at least 20 seconds.#eyedoctips🤓

— FSUeyedoc (@FSUeyedoc) December 5, 2017

Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

@bustedcoverage Asking the tough questions down in south Alabama! #RMFT

— Eric Mullins (@Eric_Mullins1) December 5, 2017

In other news at the #OUvsTCU game, a fight in the stands. This #Sooner fan was on the business end of a fist.

— Omar Villafranca (@OmarVillafranca) December 2, 2017

“The scoring started early, as in 1-minute into the game.”

… or 3 minutes into the 2nd…@SomeonesAnIdiot @bustedcoverage @NHLonNBCSports

— The Mouth (@TheMouthLAKings) December 6, 2017

Scotty Pippen walking around the store today @bustedcoverage

— hodge (@Jhodge30) December 5, 2017

@bustedcoverage Ryan Tannehill about to get crunk in Vegas!!

— Canglin (@Canglin220) December 5, 2017

@bustedcoverage TB12 enjoying his evening at Disney World in Avatar.

— James A. Janosz (@jamesajanosz) December 5, 2017

Fan brawl at ACC Championship Game bring up stadium security concerns

— NBC Charlotte (@wcnc) December 5, 2017

You see a guy driving this, you know he's not afraid of anything

— PlayStation Beyond (@PS_Beyond) December 9, 2013

Dawg the detail on @OBJ_3’s leg tattoo sleeve is too crazy. He even got the Iverson step-over 🔥

— Jasmine (@JasmineLWatkins) December 5, 2017