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You know how Dollar General has things for like $5, $10, $15?

McDonald’s is about to start messing with the minds of dumb people. They’re bringing back the Dollar Menu (didn’t know it was gone) and they’re going to put things on the menu that are more than a dollar.

I’ll just be over at Chick fil A getting a “you’re welcome” from the crew.

McDonald’s said Monday that it is reviving the name of the once-popular value menu next month after a two-year absence, but this time the items will cost $1, $2 or $3.

Offering cheap eats has become a winning strategy for the world’s largest hamburger chain, and a way to fight off other low-priced chains. In October, it attributed a rise in a key sales figure during the third quarter to its $1 sodas and a two-for-$5 promotion called McPick 2. And as more people visited its restaurants for deals, McDonald’s said some also bought pricier burgers stuffed with crispy onions or guacamole, which helped sales.

Other low-priced chains? What could possibly be cheaper than McDonald’s?

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