Big Ten Title Game Fight At Wisconsin Chicken & Donuts Joint Led To One Guy Possibly Losing An Eye

What happens at Mike’s Donuts and Chicken in Kenosha, WI when the Badgers are losing the Big Ten title game and all hope of making it to their first trip to the college football Final Four? According to at least one report out of Kenosha, all hell breaks loose in the bar that specializes in “Big A$$ Egg Sandwiches” and breakfast meals named after OJ Simpson and Tonya Harding. You can also get a jelly donut martini and a side glazed donut for $1.25.
This wasn’t just any fight, according to the police report. We’re talking about one guy possibly losing his eye! This is SEC type stuff.
From the Kenosha News:

Stephen Nichols, 25, of Kenosha, was charged Tuesday with felony battery, disorderly conduct and misdemeanor bail jumping. According to the criminal complaint, Nichols was at Mike’s Chicken and Donuts, 707 56th St. Saturday, when he and another man began arguing about the Big 10 Championship game between the Badgers and Ohio State.
During the argument, Nichols allegedly struck the other man in the face with a beer glass. The breaking glass lacerated the man’s face and injured his left eye. According to the complaint, the man needed 70 sutures to repair his face and 15 to his eye. A surgeon told the man his vision is permanently damaged and it is possible he will lose his eye.

Yes, there’s surveillance video that should be forthcoming once the locals get it sent out to the media outlets. As for a mugshot of this Nichols character, still awaiting that. Kinda want to see if he took any punishment in this brawl.
I also need to know how this all went down. Did Wisconsin fan go looking for trouble? Is it an Ohio State fan that will be possibly wearing an eye patch?

Know more about the fight? Have Snap footage? Let me know:


Look at that breakfast menu. Love it.

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