Emily Ratajkowski On Pasta Table, Oilers Owner Drops $85M On This House & Baker Mayfield’s Number Released

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Steelers at Bengals! Should be another one of Andy Dalton’s gems. Will probably go 12 of 33 for 127, no TDs and at least one pick, probably a pick six and then I’ll turn off the TV or watch some Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel.

Emily Ratajkowski on a table covered in pasta

Ga Tech locker room fight Round 2!

Edmonton Oilers owner just paid $85M for this house

Fans release Baker Mayfield’s number, Georgia fans call

Cricket diving catch of the weekend

Florida Man was arrested for drawing this on child’s homework

TV news reporters are depressing souls…round #9,987

Here’s Abigale P. from the Saints

Jimbo Fisher Arriving In College Station Video of the Week


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