Let’s See What Emily Ratajkowski Is Up To, Lauer Being A Scumbag & Bid On Ric Flair’s Robe


Such a fun day✨🌞💫💛🌟

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Feel the excitement…Redskins-Cowboys on a Thursday night! You’ll get a chance to rip Dak or Kirk or both. Pending a miracle win-out, these two 5-6 teams are playing for draft seeding. I’m sure Collinsworth will keep this one exciting with his constant gobbling of whatever player he has designated as his go-to guy of the game. You’ll also get more ACC-B1G action. Notre Dame is at Michigan State. That’s on ESPN.

• Let’s check in with Emily Ratajkowski

• Geraldo comes to Lauer’s defense! Annnnnnddddd then walks it back

• Lauer really liked Meredith Vieira’s ass

• Bid on this Ric Flair robe…it’s up to $17,000

• 30 years ago tonight…was the Bo vs. Boz game

• This Oklahoma female rapper is trying to make it in the game annnnndddd this is Pure Oklahoma

• This Florida Man went after cops with a sex toy

• Here’s Hannah from Zona

The Hype Bros Are No Longer Hype Bros Video of the Month…Possibly The Year

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