Let’s See What Emily Ratajkowski Is Up To, Lauer Being A Scumbag & Bid On Ric Flair’s Robe


Feel the excitement…Redskins-Cowboys on a Thursday night! You’ll get a chance to rip Dak or Kirk or both. Pending a miracle win-out, these two 5-6 teams are playing for draft seeding. I’m sure Collinsworth will keep this one exciting with his constant gobbling of whatever player he has designated as his go-to guy of the game. You’ll also get more ACC-B1G action. Notre Dame is at Michigan State. That’s on ESPN.

Let’s check in with Emily Ratajkowski

Geraldo comes to Lauer’s defense! Annnnnnddddd then walks it back

Lauer really liked Meredith Vieira’s ass

Bid on this Ric Flair robe…it’s up to $17,000

30 years ago tonight…was the Bo vs. Boz game

This Oklahoma female rapper is trying to make it in the game annnnndddd this is Pure Oklahoma

This Florida Man went after cops with a sex toy

Here’s Hannah from Zona

The Hype Bros Are No Longer Hype Bros Video of the Month…Possibly The Year

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