The Demolition Of The Pontiac Silverdome Was A Massive Failure

Stadium demolitions are hot in the streets right now with the Pontiac Silverdome scheduled to go down earlier this morning, just a few weeks after the Georgia Dome was imploded in Atlanta.
But the keyword there is scheduled because unlike the Georgia Dome, which collapsed almost as fast as my Falcons in the 2nd half of the Super Bowl, the Silverdome ate those explosives for breakfast this morning wasn’t going down without a fight.
Like Rocky fighting Drago, this thing took the bombs right to the chin and stayed standing.

Now I’m not going to make any of the easy jokes because I heard my share when the Dome went down and Detroit is right there with us as far as sad sports towns go. But I should mention that “this didn’t work” is a hilarious response to the steel columns not collapsing.

I’ll let Twitter make the jokes

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Clemson Fans Brawl At The ACC Championship
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