Clemson Fans Brawl At The ACC Championship

Let's check in with the ACC Championship this morning

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) December 3, 2017

You would’ve thought that Clemson fans had zero reason to be angry last night with zero reason to brawl in the stands while their team is putting a beat down on The U. But this is college football and this was Championship Saturday, so of course I’m going to wake up this morning to a Clemson fan getting body slammed and bloodied.

There was no reason for a fight to occur and that’s why a fight occurred. It’s the beauty of college football fans. They can throw down at any moment for any reason.

To say I’m surprised that a Miami fan was not in the middle of this would be an understatement.

It actually was early in the game… look closely and you’ll see this TD on the jumbotron

Travis Etienne on the board for the Tigers. #Devy

— Greg Brandt (@devywarehouse) December 3, 2017