Bills Mafia Week 13 Tailgating Highlights… They’re Ready for Teflon Tommy

I’m going to go out on a limb and say there’s a 90 percent chance another sex toy makes it onto the field during today’s Patriots-Bills game. It’s a reasonable assumption after viewing some of the tailgate madness going on around New Era Field.

Obviously there are broken tables everywhere, but before we get to that here’s something most NFL fans should enjoy: Tom Brady slander. You’ve got the burning TB Super Bowl jersey above, and some A+ signs below:

Dear @scottzolak, Buffalo has a message a for you. #BillsMafia

— Todd Clausen (@ToddJClausen) December 3, 2017

One member of the Mafia made sure to visit church and pray for an injury as well:

And now… a reminder that the folding tables are the item to sell in Buffalo during football season:

Off the RV!

Quality move, but you have to split the table:

Leg drop:

This guy overshot the mark just a bit. Don’t worry he’s drunk and won’t feel it until tomorrow:

Update: We got a fight!

Bills Mafia doing Bills Mafia things

— Laces Out (@LacesOutShow) December 3, 2017