2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs From The ACC Championship

Championship Saturday is here and we’re staring down the barrel of 4 awesome games today starting with the Big 12 Championship at 12:30 ET, ending tonight with the Big Ten and ACC games at 8pm, and the SEC Championship right in the middle at 4pm.

The day is pretty straightforward with some opportunities for chaos when it comes to the playoff. The SEC champ is getting in, Wisconsin gets in if they win, Clemson is in if they win, and Oklahoma gets in if they win. Now, there’s a good chance all of that doesn’t happen and that’s when things get hairy for the committee and they’ll have to make some decisions. That’s how you’ll see Alabama or even Ohio State possibly find their way into the final four. Buckle up, folks.

GameDay pick: Miami +9.5

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Nice try, Tiger. #GameDaySigns #fail pic.twitter.com/tHmsggOYtQ

— David Rubinoff (@davidrubinoff) December 2, 2017

A lot of Aqib Talib/Turnover Chain #gamedaysigns pic.twitter.com/7SpUPtb61P

— David Wilson (@DBWilson2) December 2, 2017

I thought we established he was a Tennessee fan last week… or was it just that he declined the Vols job? #GameDaySigns pic.twitter.com/2S6mh9d1IM

— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) December 2, 2017