Jimbo Fisher's Christmas Tree Broke The News Of Him Leaving Florida State For Texas A&M

If you want to get technical, Mark Schlabach over at ESPN broke the news of Jimbo Fisher resigning from his job at Florida State to become the head coach at Texas A&M.
But if we’re being honest here, everybody on Twitter already knew Jimbo was out of there about 45 minutes before that news even broke. Schlabach’s report was really just a technicality – a confirmation, if you will.
That’s because when this photo dropped of Jimbo’s sad Christmas tree sitting on the side of the curb outside of his house, we knew that man had already boarded his flight to Texas and probably already had recruits on the line.

This is the beauty of college football, people. When the coaching carousel starts in late November¬†into December every year, you know any little detail can mean everything. Every flight is tracked, every real estate website is monitored, and if you make one small mistake like putting your Christmas tree out for the garbagemen a full 25 days before Christmas, well then that’s all the confirmation we need.

Hey Tennessee, I think I just solved all of your problems

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