Kate Upton Puts Justin Verlander In An Impossible Spot With This Honeymoon Vs. World Series Question


Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are coming off a pretty decent month featuring a World Series win, a wedding, a honeymoon, and a Tonight Show appearance. That all happened over the span of 4 weeks and now we’re into December where they can head into the holidays as a settled down married couple.

And just when things start to cool off, this Twitter user comes from the clouds and gives Justin Verlander an IMPOSSIBLE question. And in a dick move, tags his wife in the process.

Naturally, Kate jumped all over this one, basically┬ásaying, “yeah, babe, what do you like better – your giant, diamond-encrusted ring that took years and years of hard work to finally get…. or me?”

Guess who hasn’t answered yet? Guess who’s probably NEVER going to answer that question? Stay away from this one, Justin. Stay FAR away.

UPDATE: He took my advice

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