J.Lo Wants Alex Rodriguez to Be the Next Yankees Manager

The Yankees seem to have interviewed everyone for their vacant manager position, but there might be one more person out there worth talking to: Alex Rodriguez. His girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, certainly seems to be on board with the idea, as she both tweeted and IG’d a Beyond the Box Score blog detailing why A-Rod should be the guy.

To her, the choice is rather clear:

It couldn’t be clearer…#arodforyankeesmanager @arod @yankees @mlbhttps://t.co/cEN9WsR2gm

— Jennifer Lopez (@JLo) November 30, 2017

So J.Lo pushing her man for the Yankees gig isn’t a shocker — even if he doesn’t interview they get some exposure from this social activity. What’s more noteworthy here is J.Lo shouting out a story from a sabermetric baseball blog. Sure. It probably popped up when they were Googling themselves today, but it doesn’t get more 2017 than that.