NEW FOOTAGE! Steelers Fans Have Verbal War Before Throwing Fists

We’re now learning new details from Sunday’s fight between Steelers fans at the Big Ketchup Bottle that had Twitter triggered on Monday. Those of you who were over on Twitter know that Steelers fans want you to know this happens everywhere. Of course I asked them to show me proof of Packers fans fighting Packers fans at Lambeau and they couldn’t.

A real quick recap of what went down, according to the eyewitnesses who sent us the videos:

• Steelers fan was standing near the end of the game

• Steelers fan told him to sit down

• Standing Steelers fan told him to fucc off

• One thing led to another and they were fighting

Now, thanks to the videos, you can hear Standing Steelers Fan say “bathroom” (guess that’s where fans throw down away from kids at the Big Ketchup Bottle) and then adds in the ultimate insult by calling his fellow combatant a “pussy.”

Total dirtbag behavior from all involved. Typical Steelers fans. Week after week we post a different variation of this.