Steelers Fans Let the Punches Fly During SNF

The Steelers and Packers gave us an unexpected thriller for Sunday Night Football, but the tilt apparently wasn’t captivating enough to prevent some classy Pittsburgh fans from whaling away on each other.

No idea what set off this all Steelers brawl, but the main takeaway is our dude in the black and gold beanie took a fat L here. His woman did her best to intervene in the ass kicking… to no avail:


Our tipster @Turner_Kucera17 has provided some details:

He didn’t. White dude told him to sit down, black dude said fuck you stand up we are on defense! And then it escalated to brawl I was there

— Turner Kucera (@Turner_Kucera17) November 27, 2017


It ended right as game winning field goal happened no one saw it yet in my section we were all watching the fight ha

— Turner Kucera (@Turner_Kucera17) November 27, 2017


White dude was pissed black guy way standing, black dude told him to stand the fuck up we’re on defense and then it went to an all out brawl

— Turner Kucera (@Turner_Kucera17) November 27, 2017


No doubt this was the second-best fight on Sunday behind just Crabtree-Talib II.