Brett Favre…Gun Show

The face Brett Favre made when asked if he would play QB for @WKUFootball…you could tell he wanted to say yes!

— Lucas Hughes ن (@_lrhughes) November 18, 2017

Ladies, you know who has two tickets to the gun show? 48-year-old grandpa Brett Favre does and, from what we can see at his recent visit to Western Kentucky for one of his daughter’s volleyball matches, he’s been curling telephone poles down in Mississippi.

It’s no secret that Brett has been staying in incredible game shape since retiring from the Vikings. That said, not much moves the needle on the Internet quite like a Favre update. Johnny material can still move the needle, but it has to be something like him hitting the beach a little bloated.

It seems that the trip to Western Kentucky was the final match of the year. The Golden Eagles were swept 3-0 and 6’2″ freshman outside hitter Breleigh Favre didn’t play.

Got to meet the Favre!

— Lucas Hughes ن (@_lrhughes) November 17, 2017

So while in Kentucky, I ran into Brett Favre!#Packerbackerforlife

— Sue Buckhave (@sue_buckhave) November 19, 2017