Report: Alabama Fan Shoots Auburn Fan After Argument, Bama Fan Still on the Loose

Looks like we didn’t have to wait long for Alabama and Auburn fans to start sparring over the upcoming Iron Bowl game.

According to, an argument over who the superior team is (Bama v. Auburn) randomly got violent when the Bama fan pulled out a piece and shot the Auburn fan in the leg — details from the report:

In an update sent to News 5, police say the two men were arguing outside the Extenda Suites Mobile location on the I-65 Service Road South around 7:23pm. The argument was over which team was better in the Iron Bowl rivalry, Alabama or Auburn.

The argument escalated, with the Alabama fan pulling out a firearm and shooting the Auburn fan in the thigh. The Alabama fan fled on foot, and as of Wednesday afternoon, is still on the loose.

Nothing else to say here other than first blood goes to Bama. But on the real, hopefully Auburn fan is okay and will live to see his team upset Bama next weekend. Easily the best revenge he could have on that scumbag.