Notre Dame Fan Claims He Heard A Notre Dame Fan Will Burn Himself Like A Monk If Irish Lose Bowl Game!

My guy @ACBellino (above) was just doing his thing as morning show host on Fox Sports 1230 in Toledo this morning when legendary caller Notre Dame Pat came out of hiding for one of his weirdo calls that he’s become famous for. He started off with his usual Notre Dame ramblings and then dropped an all-time rumor.

Notre Dame Pat, if I’m hearing this correctly and I think I am, claims that some security guard at the Notre Dame bookstore told him that there’s a rumor that an Irish fan is going to burn himself like a Vietnamese monk if Notre Dame loses its bowl game. 

Like where does that even come from? And how does someone come up with something so absurd as that?

One loss and someone is out there creating rumors that an Irish fan is going to burn himself to death.