Yu Darvish Once Again Addresses Dodgers Fans After Blowing WS

I’m a big Yu Darvish guy, but even I can’t spin his two dreadful World Series starts against the Astros. He played a major role in the Dodgers not hoisting their first Commissioner’s Trophy since 1988, and a lot of Dodgers fans won’t be sad when he gets a $150 million contract from another team in free agency. (Though let’s not forget the Dodgers’ bats didn’t exactly light the world on fire, either.)

But just because fans are ready to cut ties doesn’t mean Yu’s over Los Angeles. He took to Instagram this afternoon to address Dodgers fans, and touched on what his brief stint with the team meant to him:

Dear Dodgers’ Fans, It has been a week since the World Series. Your words of encouragement after the outcome of Game 7 has heartened me immensely. I genuinely felt blessed to play as a Dodger and was touched by the people of LA, which became my lifetime treasure. Above all, I was very lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people for the past 3 months! My training will commence today as I will make full use of this experience. Please take care!

Was that a farewell note? Maybe… he just posted this picture on IG with the caption, “Thank you LA!”

Yu’s message after getting shelled in Game 7: