Seahawks Color Rush Uniforms Successfully Blend In With the Turf

Oh my. Here's the Seahawks & Cardinals color rush matchup for Thursday Night Football

— Phil Hecken (@PhilHecken) November 7, 2017

It’s “Thursday Night Football”, which means we’re all being subjected to these “color rush” uniforms in the NFL’s attempt to sell more merchandise. Fine by me. The NFL is going to do whatever the hell they’re going to do but please for the love of god give the Seahawks a color that isn’t an obnoxious version of green.

They were a disaster last year for their December tilt with the Rams:

Jeez, Seahawks. Why do we wear the ugly green uniforms on the big televised games?

— Claire Luv (@claireluv3) November 10, 2017

And they’re still a hideous lime color that is meshing with the turf at University of Phoenix Stadium — not very pleasing to the eye!

These @Seahawks uniforms are doing too much.

— Homa Bash (@HomaBashWEWS) November 10, 2017

While 90 percent of viewers may hate them, Doug Baldwin apparently believes the Seahawks are a “different team” when donning them (via Q13Fox):

“It shows that we’re different. We’re a different team. We’re a different animal,” said wide receiver Doug Baldwin. “When you put on this jersey, when you put on these colors, you represent the Seattle Seahawks. And that means something, it’s a little bit different from what anybody else can understand, but when you put on these colors you understand it when you’re out there on the field.”

The Seahawks are currently up 7-0 late in the first quarter, so blending in with the grass appears to be working out for now.