I’m Going To Post This Video Of Johnny Manziel On A Treadmill To Drive The ‘Who Cares?’ Crowd Crazy

I know exactly what drives the ‘WHO CARES?’ crowd crazy — Johnny Manziel material. Never fails. They get so emotional and tell me that they’re unfollowing because I’m trying to be TMZ Sports (BC predates TMZ Sports by years so maybe TMZ Sports was trying to be BC at some point) or that BC is a shittty Barstool ripoff.

I’ve been down this road before with this crowd: I’m very very happy living my quiet life here in Ohio where I can get a reasonable mortgage without living in NYC and having to dodge piles of dog shiit every other block.

Now, let’s get to why the ‘Who Cares?’ crowd is wrong when they constantly bitch about ‘Who Cares?’

We either want our sports heroes to fail in life or be at least somewhat successful and not a leach on society. Believe it or not, ‘Who Cares?’ crowd, Manziel is a divisive sports hero. There’s the crowd that wants to see him die in a pile of cocaine and then there’s the crowd that wants to see him come back from the depths many of us will never go and make one more scramble to throw a TD.

So when we see Manziel getting in a cardio session, hell yes I’m going to post it. The guy could be trying to get his lungs right after smoking heaters over the last couple years, or he might just trying to live a normal life where he sheds a couple pounds so he can get into the jeans he bought at Costco.

You know, real life shitt.

Or maybe he’s just trying to get trim for the wedding.