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Well, that didn’t take long in Vegas

The long awaited debut of the driverless shuttle in Vegas didn’t go so well Wednesday. You know the goals here….eliminate humans….cheap costs…and then this happens on day one:

After a kickoff ceremony at the Container Park, the autonomous vehicle began shuttling passengers around a .6-mile loop downtown for the first time. But after just a few runs, it was hit by a delivery truck, according to Metro Police.

“The (autonomous) vehicle stopped as designed when it saw a truck backing up, but the truck simply didn’t stop backing up,” said Andreas Mai, executive vice president of market development and innovation for Keolis, which operates the shuttle. “The truck very slowly backed up into a parked autonomous shuttle.”

Granted, it was the delivery truck driver’s fault, but this isn’t the best look. I’m sure the local bus drivers won’t create a commercial out of this or some sort of protest.

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