Shelbi Alyssa Is A Ducks Fan, Bama Minor In Possession & 140 Characters Vs. 280


I woke up real early to sit with BC3 and got this news…

…via ABC News at like 5:30 a.m. ….Twitter is up to 280 characters and Snapchat just had its third straight down quarter and they’re looking at changes that’ll help older people use the platform. That’s the sign, folks. Save your investment dollars. The last thing Snap users want is their moms on Snap seeing how things go around there. I can’t stand going on Facebook and every great aunt taking everything so literal to the point to where you can’t troll. Hate it. The problem for Snap is that revenue isn’t going up. Enter the old people. Number of eyeballs has to go up because advertisers love numbers. Good luck, Snap.

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