Josh Gordon’s Business Manager Calls Him “The Best Football Player In The World”


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A few days ago we posted Josh Gordon teasing Cleveland fans a little bit on IG while getting a workout in and prepping for his comeback. LA James speculated that Gordon’s reinstatement could be right around the corner and boy did he nail it. Just two days later the NFL did just that. They reinstated him on a conditional basis that will allow him to return to practice on November 20th and play in the Browns’ December 3rd game.

After the news broke we started getting comments from Gordon’s camp and his business manager came out of the gates HOT with these statements. First, he started off super humble with this quote calling Gordon the best football player in the world. Yes, the world.

And then this morning Schefter got another comment from Michael Johnson, who came with the always classic “best shape of my life” quote:

So get excited, Browns fans, the best football player on the planet is back and he’s in the best shape of his life. I’m sure this will all work out perfectly and not end poorly at all.

He might not the best player on the planet, but he’s pretty damn good when he’s actually on the field

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