Joel Berry's Hand Injury Came After an NBA 2K Loss

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When news broke last week that North Carolina point guard Joel Berry injured his hand after losing a video game matchup to teammate Theo Pinson, initial Twitter reaction centered around what game the two were playing. 2K? Madden? These are the important details… outside of him punching a door and missing early-season action. satisfied all of our curiosity today as Joel went on the Carolina Insider Podcast to reveal he and Theo were playing 2K. Oh, and it turns out his door punch wasn’t much of a door punch at all:

“It was on a Saturday hanging out with my roommates, Theo (Pinson) and John (Bumgarner),” Berry said. “We were playing NBA 2K. Theo and I have had past games where we played against each other and things get a little heated. It’s always a friendly thing and it’s about competing. Theo beat me, and I was on the way back to my room and jokingly hit the door…I was joking around. My pinky finger caught the door frame, and that’s what did it. I’m a college student. I know it’s a mistake. I own up to it. It’s because I’m competitive and don’t like to lose.”

The update also notes the injury may be a good thing because Berry can work on his left hand since, you know, the right is out of service for a while.

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