UNC's Joel Berry Reportedly Punches Door After Losing Video Game, Now Has a Broken Hand

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If there’s one thing you need to know about North Carolina senior guard Joel Berry, it’s that he’s one competitive dude. He said as much to Scout.com’s Ben Sherman in a Q&A that dropped in September:

You’ve accomplished a lot, played so many times on the game’s biggest stages, been through a lot of wars, endured a lot of injuries. What’s the motivation for Year 4? What’s left to accomplish for you?
That’s the hardest thing, having that mindset. But with me I’ve had to work for everything in my life when it came to basketball. Because I’m not the tallest and I’m not the most athletic. When you’re a shorter guy you’ve just got to work that much harder. So that’s the thing that’s great about me, I’m always competitive no matter what. I always come to compete. And I rely on that.

That competitive nature apparently extends out to the video game realm, because Joel reportedly got heated after a recent video game L to teammate Theo Pinson and took his frustrations out on a door:

Head coach Roy Williams told ESPN that Berry could be out around four weeks, which would mean he could potentially miss the first five or so games, if not more.

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