“33-Year-Old Athletic White Male” Offering Free World Series Tickets to Hot Fans

In the market for World Series tickets but don’t want to blow your next paycheck? You’re in luck! There’s someone in the Houston area offering three tickets to Game 4 at Minute Maid Park for free. The catch? He’s most definitely a perv (a 33-year-old athletic white perv, to be specific) who will only give the tickets up to women who send in the hottest photos — not to mention you have to watch the game with him.

Details from the ad:

Shoot your shot ladies. pic.twitter.com/NazHpUCcnm

— Steve (@LandOfSteve) October 24, 2017

It goes without saying, but women should probably steer clear of this guy’s ticket contest. Maybe troll him a bit and send in a bunch of penis pics if you’re offended? Sounds like the correct course of action here.

[Craigslist; H/t @BritniB714]

On the real, WS ticket prices are insane. Just watch the game at home (and in air conditioning if you’re in LA):

Average sold ticket prices on StubHub to World Series:

Game 1: $1,348
Game 2: $1,208
Game 3: $1,278
Game 4: $1,361

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) October 24, 2017