Kay Felder Puts Kyle Korver On His Ass

Kyle Korver is a tall basketball man renowned for his proficient three-point shooting, not his defense. That was quite apparent tonight when he fell victim to Kay Felder’s handles during his big revenge game.

Felder didn’t exactly break out Kyrie Irving-level ballhandling, but it apparently doesn’t take much to shake Korver these days. For real, Bron Bron’s long-range specialist literally fell on his ass over the prospect of a crossover:

Kay Felder Makes Kyle Krover Fall pic.twitter.com/Vd5h72ZV02

— Gustavo Vega (@iamvega1982) October 25, 2017

How is Felder’s revenge game faring beyond that possession? Quite well! He has 13 points and four assists in 16 minutes of action.

Felder, of course, was traded (alongside Richard Jefferson) to the Atlanta Hawks earlier this month. He was then claimed by the Bulls after getting waived by the Hawks.

Looks like Kay is still good with Bron:

Real friends.

LeBron x Kay Felder

📺: @NBATV pic.twitter.com/mFjwyzy1Ge

— NBA (@NBA) October 24, 2017