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My god Baseball has figured out how to play a World Series game in under 3 hours

Wasn’t last night refreshing? Game One of the World Series was over at like 10:40 EST. That’s right, it was over with time to spare before the nightly news. Insanely rare. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself at that hour. I actually went to bed and didn’t fall asleep on the couch watching a sporting event. That probably hasn’t happened 20 times this year. So kudos to MLB for having Game 1 pitchers who threw strikes, worked fast and didn’t require the bullpens for 4 innings of work.

We’ll likely get one more night of this tonight when it’s Verlander vs. Hill. Obviously Verlander is going to throw strikes, but it’s Rich Hill who makes this one a possible under-3 hour game. He averages 11 Ks/9 innings and goes about 6 innings a game.

Thank you baseball, you just needed strong starters and a few home runs to make this all possible.

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