Drew Rosenhaus Gets Shirtless For Rocky Run, Philly Middle Fingers & CNBC Morgan Seems Like A Good Time

How do I know Vegas has moved on from that mass shooting?

From the Las Vegas SunThe second round of skill-based gaming machines has hit the Las Vegas Strip, allowing players to stake their cash on their abilities to use a cartoon catapult or survive a zombie-infested cornfield. 

The six games are:

“Into the Dead.” A zombie shooter game that was originally a smartphone game with 72 million downloads.

“Catapult King.” Also first a smartphone game, players use a catapult to topple knights and castles.

“Lucky Words.” Players must quickly put together letters to form words.

“Match 3volution.” Players create creatures and match them.

“Smoothie Blast.” Players swipe fruit to make smoothies.

“Slice of Cake.” Players slice ingredients to bake a cake.

Numbers from :

Since Carson Wentz was drafted:#eagles wins 12#Browns wins 1

— Robert Raiola, CPA (@SportsTaxMan) October 24, 2017

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@bustedcoverage Ahhhh Philadelphia Eagles fans…. #flyeaglesfly pic.twitter.com/0pQ7rpSNP7

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Hang this in a museum (from @JPFinlayNBCS) pic.twitter.com/k6Aw3BuM7n

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@bustedcoverage This guy pic.twitter.com/Dzz18L8r5d

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Strong morning at @espn pic.twitter.com/c9zZ8pfu6l

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CNBC Morgan gets a good laugh out of her “strong, hard wood” one liner (from @clemstweets) pic.twitter.com/d5UsrB9QLC

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Even had a Rex Ryan sighting yesterday in #OrchardPark! #BillsMafia pic.twitter.com/GAflnUYOBP

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@bustedcoverage this would easily crush Bayless on FS1… pic.twitter.com/DydFoifi1a

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Former Penn State commit Lavert Hill was not a fan of the White Out. pic.twitter.com/WZpx8kQxuw

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Couple of legends…Jaws & a youthful Biz Markie are at the Linc tonight (rashad89_/IG) pic.twitter.com/8KhVSxViUB

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Which way to the nearest GNC? pic.twitter.com/dKJvyEqHoE

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@bustedcoverage Myles Garrett telling the Cedar Point Police that he will not be kneeling during today's National Anthem pic.twitter.com/SZxVr4Rzke

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