Brett Favre Comeback? He’s Out Here Throwing Passes To Jerry Rice

Ahh, it’s for a Copper Fit shoot! Dammit. Here I thought Brett, 48, gunning a pass to Jerry Rice meant that the Packers told Brett to get ready for Nov. 6 against the Lions. Just imagine how the sports world would react to such a bombshell. Kneeling would forever be old news if the Gunslinger decided to give it one more go at this age. Grandpa just stepping up in the pocket slingin the rock.

Skip Bayless thinks Brady can play until he’s 45. You’re telling me Favre couldn’t come back right now and throw 5-yard passes all day long? You know he wants to. You know the minute Rodgers went down the hair on his arms stood at attention. You know he got chills thinking about one more run, even if he had to hand the keys back to Rodgers for the playoffs. You know this is in his head when he goes to bed.

The guy can clearly still sling it.