What's It Like At SEC Games? Look At Mississippi State Fan's Saturday In Starkville…This Should Tell You

I wanted the dust to settle on the Mississippi State fan videos and photos that were flying around on Tuesday before putting together a full blog post on what went down Saturday in Starkvegas. I was hoping there would be more videos, more photos of Dogs fan pushing that stroller. Maybe a bloodied mugshot.
Kentucky was in town. The game was a blowout. None of that matters.
What matters is what happened at the tailgate where this beast ignored his family duties in order to take on an entire tailgate. Maybe someone said something about the Yeti in the stroller. I’m still searching for the police report.

I’m asked at least 1-2 times a week by people heading south to see SEC tailgating what it’s like at SEC tailgates. I’ve been to five different locations (A&M, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee) and there’s pretty much a common theme at each location: emotions.
Someone is always looking to whoop some ass. They get drunk, chase some ass, drink more and then the emotions start to elevate to a drop-the-gloves level. I actually think the good ol boys fight just to release a little stress. They might get their faces bashed in, but it makes them feel better in the end. A little black eye is no big deal at work on Monday.
Look, a guy like Camo Dad hit the big city and had himself a day. This isn’t news. The news here is that he took off his belt and wanted to whoop some ass. SEC antennae went off on that one. Instant triggering around the SEC. That got people’s attention for sure.



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