Texas High School Volleyballer Has To Win An ESPY For This Save

Still don't understand how this was possible… pic.twitter.com/6S4X9JmV5V

— Satasha (@satasha_k) October 21, 2017

I’ve been sitting on this one since Monday afternoon when I first saw this video of high schooler Autumn Finney of Decatur High School (TX) with one of the best saves in volleyball history. I don’t know much about volleyball history, but I know enough to know that Autumn will likely get some sort of ESPY out of this one. Her save has even reached the phone/tablet/computer of Keri Walsh Jennings who seemed to think it was pretty good.

Holy h🔥ll!!!!! That is so RAD!!! @espn @SportsCenter @StanfordWVB 🤗 check it out!!!! @Apfinney SO GOOD!!! Good luck to you all 🙌 https://t.co/CrKxbCEDWs

— Kerri Walsh Jennings (@kerrileewalsh) October 21, 2017

Decatur is 25-13 and has won 3 of its last 4 matches.

Here’s the angle that will put this all in perspective:

What a save! 😱 #SCtop10 pic.twitter.com/nPaVGXGBFn

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) October 21, 2017