Redskins OT Trent Williams Gives Kirk Cousins A Pretty Good Reason To Avoid Hits

Kirk Cousins is sitting on a franchise tag right now, which means even though he’s making a cool $24 million this year, he could miss out on a shit load of money if he does something stupid like taking on safety shoulder first.

So that’s why Skins offensive tackle Trent Williams gave Kirk a little bit of advice after he scrambled and tried to truck stick Jimmie Ward.

That’s some pretty decent advice. When you’re shoulder is basically a gold mine that you need to keep healthy for at least 3-4 more months, maybe don’t try and be Earl Campbell in the open field.

Back in June, ESPN predicted he’ll make over $30 million per year in his next deal



It would cost Washington nearly $35 million to franchise Cousins again in 2018, and $28.8 million to use the transition tag on him. Cousins’ 2017 guarantee means he would need much more than Carr to sign by the July 17 deadline, and so far the team has been unwilling to offer him the kind of deal that would entice him away from the promises of unrestricted free agency with multiple teams bidding next spring. The bet here is that he hits the market and gets more than $30 million a year on his new deal, setting a new benchmark for quarterback salaries.

His career earnings so far: not terrible

Don’t be an idiot, Kirk.

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