Former Florida QB Chris Leak Loses Teaching License After Sexual Assault Allegation

I guess Tim Tebow is the last good guy left from those Urban Meyer Florida teams. You had everyone from murders to drug dealers on those mid-2000s National Championship Gators, now I guess we can add sexual predators to that list.

You guys remember Chris Leak, right? He was the QB who won the 2006 Natty Title against Ohio state before Tim Tebow was really Tim Tebow. Leak was the main starter, Tebow was a freshman who came in and basically did power dives at the goal line. Then you know the rest – Tebow won the Heisman and another championship all after Leak left and I feel like people pretty much forgot about him.

That’s probably a good thing now because it sounds like a he’s a big ‘ol creep. Reports are coming out today that he’s lost his teaching license in Florida after a 2015 incident with an underage student.

The Palm Beach Post has details:

Edgewater High School football coach and Art Recovery teacher Chris Leak, who played quarterback at the University of Florida just before Tim Tebow, voluntarily surrendered his Florida Educator’s Certificate amid allegations that, on Sept. 5, 2015, he received a massage from a 15-year-old female student and asked the student to touch his penis, according to an order filed by the Florida Education Practices Commission on Tuesday.

Leak allegedly was wearing only a towel when he received the massage.

As a condition of the voluntary surrender of his certificate, Leak will never have the certificate reinstated and will not be allowed to apply for a new one. He also chooses “not to contest any of the allegations or charges” levied against him in the Administrative Complaint, according to documents.

Now you would think there would be a little bit more of punishment than just surrendering your teaching license after asking a 15-year-old student to touch your privates, but the victim has apparently dropped all of the charges.

Sexual assault charges against Leak were dropped on Friday after the accuser and her guardian told authorities they no longer wished to press charges, according to WFTV.

Leak resigned from the school the day that the police report was filed.

He probably should be in jail, but instead, he’s just an unemployed perv now. Good luck finding a job.

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