NYC Strippers Proud To Wear Giants Gear Again After Beating Broncos

The New York strippers at Hoops Cabaret can finally wear their Eli Manning jerseys and not be completely embarrassed by a winless team. That’s the word out of Hoops where things weren’t exactly jovial during a Giants 0-5 start and the loss of Odell for the season.
I’ve heard from sources that nothing depresses a stripper like a losing football team.
All that changed this week with a shocking win on the road in Denver where Eli came back to life — for a week — and all is good at Hoops for now.
From the Hoops Cabaret media team:

“Hey, I love the football Giants but they lost their first five straight games, and I didn’t think they were going to beat the Broncos,” admitted Hoops Cabaret Girl Marlena.  “I was shocked!”

Hoops Cabaret Girl Larissa agreed. “I was stunned. I thought for sure they would go on losing. But now I can wear my Eli Manning #10 jersey and climb the pole and be proud to strip out of my Giants team colors.”

Describing the post-game fun at the club, Hoops Cabaret Girl Suzanne gushed, “The girls were so excited, and all the Giants fans watching the game were thrilled. We popped champagne and there were lap dancers everywhere you looked–just sexy girls stripping on all three floors. We know how to celebrate,” she bragged.

“The one victory does not save their season,” explained Hoops Cabaret Girl Justine. “But the Giants have a chance to make history if they somehow go on a winning streak and who knows how far they could go?”

Are you in NYC this weekend for the Seahawks-Giants game? Go give Hoops a visit at 48 West 33rd Street. I hear the place is crazy.

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