A 3-3 Record Is Enough For This Jets Fan To Get A Super Bowl Prediction Tattoo


This season is the first time in almost 2 decades that it looks like the Patriots may be vulnerable in not winning the AFC East. We’ve gone into every season since like 2000 just penciling in the Pats in, giving basically┬ázero chance to any of the other 3 teams. But here we are heading into week 7 with the Pats looking like dogshit, coming off a game where Jets put it on them for like 3.5 quarters, and an actual closer division race almost halfway through the season.
So that performance on Sunday and the 3-3 record the Jets are sitting on was enough for this lunatic to hit up his local ink shop to get a Super Bowl tattoo on his ass. This is 2 ass tats in the last week if you’re keeping track.

If these guys really had some balls, they’d put these tats out in the open, but both went the safe route and keep it on the ass where nobody can see it. And if you know your Roman numerals, you know that this thing can be edited for years to come. Once we get to Super Bowl 90, that’s when he’s going to run into problems.

Antonio Morrison Blew Up Teammate Rashaan Melvin
Antonio Morrison Blew Up Teammate Rashaan Melvin
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