The Internet Took Skip Bayless Behind The Woodshed For His Terrible Gordon Hayward Tweet

That’s the Tweet that Skip Bayless fired off last night while Gordon Hayward was still writhing in pain on the floor with an ankle bone sticking out of his leg. Just no regard for Hayward’s well-being or the fact that his season ended 6 minutes into the first game of the first quarter. You had the Cavs entire bench basically puking at the sight of this injury, meanwhile Skip was in his evil lair crafting the perfect hot take LeBron tweet.

But that’s Skip, what can you expect? Someone could die on the court and Skip would spin it into a LeBron criticism. I’m actually surprised he didn’t find a way to blame this injury on LeBron. This is what Fox is paying $5 million a year for.
Naturally, the internet dragged this man through the muck last night. It was coming from all angles -NBA players, media members (including his own colleagues at Fox), and everybody in between.

DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay called him a clown, which is lowkey a devastating insult

Then came the rest of the blue check marks

It goes on and on and on…

Gordon Hayward Suffers Nasty Leg Injury
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