I Got The Full Yankees Bleacher Creature Experience Last Night At Game 4

I’m in New York this week for the first time in like two years. I barely recognize the NY office, but that’s a good thing because I’m getting too old for offices, especially in New York. Things have changed around here. The bagel place downstairs – Best Bagel NYC (seriously, that’s what they call themselves and now the hipsters wait like 30 minutes for these things — now has lines out the door. Years ago I could pop in for a sandwich and it would take 5 minutes. Those days are gone.
Anyway, thought I’d just get that out so you guys realize I don’t just sit in a basement all day. I actually get out and about a little bit.
So last night I hit up the Yankees ALCS game with a former coworker.

Couple highlights:

• $70 e-tickets. I could really get used to this. That’s it. Too easy for a big playoff game and one that was Yankees fans will be talking about for years because of what Judge did
• Yankee Stadium security lines…keep up the good work, everyone. Just kidding, it was a nightmare and there wasn’t some scary security dude using a wand in our line
• That lukewarm $11.50 draft — it actually got colder the longer I let it sit
• Yankees fans were lit and fun. It was like a football atmosphere the entire night
• Yankee Stadium should get more advertisements, not nearly enough
• The homeless guy who cleared out half a subway car because of his stench; he smelled dead, seriously like a dead animal
• Aaron Judge fan with his mouth busted open in the bleachers and talking to cops he was escorted out of the stadium
• That comeback — one for the ages

The Yankee Stadium Bleachers Got Pretty Wild During Game 4
The Yankee Stadium Bleachers Got Pretty Wild During Game 4
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