The Yankee Stadium Bleachers Got Pretty Wild During Game 4

As much as all of us hate the Yankees (all of us meaning everyone who isn’t a Yankees fan), you can’t deny that the playoffs aren’t better with them in it. Those are just facts. Playoff baseball in Yankee Stadium turns everything up to 11.

So if you can get by how much you hate the Yanks and just look at that video at face value, there’s no way you can hate it. This is after an unreal comeback that tied the series at 2-2, so of course you have people in the bleachers losing their goddamn minds. Also doing shit like this:

Then you had Astros Santa in a world of hell

And I’m not sure what’s going on here

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When going vegan gets taken to the extreme. #ALCS

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All around wild night in the Bronx. This series is going 7.