Georgia Southern Volleyball Analyst Apologizes For 9-11 ‘Kills’ Joke During Match

Tricia Fishbune, the Georgia Southern volleyball analyst who dropped a horrible 9-11 joke (she called it a joke on air) has apologized for that joke that didn’t go well last week during a match.

Tricia’s full quote from the match:

She has 911 kills. So she’s only 65 kills away from cracking the top 10 in school history and, um, just to note…911…you know, 9-11…so uh…kills…that was, you know 9-11…kills…little joke.

The first stop on the apology tour:
Erroneous wording? I’d love to know how Tricia would’ve worded that joke differently.

As I said on Monday, there’s no need to fire Tricia, suspend Tricia, etc. If you really want to punish her, make her go to an open mic night and force her to work on her jokes. I think the proper response here is four weeks of open mic night.

She better have a 9-11 joke that ‘kills’ before those four weeks are over. Come up with some sort of Joe Rogan 9/11 conspiracy joke and you’re an instant Internet hit.