Tiger Woods Is BACK…To Resuming Full Golf Activities


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Tiger has been medically cleared to resume golf activities. That’s the report that came out last night and I’m pretty sure it’s the 3rd or 4th time we’ve heard this exact same report over the years. Tiger gets cleared, all of us fanboys start convincing ourselves that we’re going to see the old Tiger again, he promptly gets injured, then months of rehab, rinse, repeat.
But I don’t care, as long as Tiger is swinging a club on the tour, I’m preparing myself to see some magic happen and I’ll do it every time until his body is just dust and bones and he can’t walk anymore. Even then I might still convince myself that he pull a win out of his back pocket.
Here’s the report from ESPN:

Six months after fusion surgery on his lower back kept him from swinging a golf club until recently, Tiger Woods has been cleared to resume full golf activity with no restrictions.
Mark Steinberg, Woods’ agent, said Monday that the 14-time major champion met with the doctor who performed the surgery on April 19 for a checkup late last week.
“He got a nice report and is allowed to proceed,” Steinberg said. “He can do as much as he needs to do. Tiger is going to take this very, very slowly. This is good, but he plans to do it the right way.”

He’s been teasing us this last week or so on IG with videos of him swinging. Once he broke out the Sunday red this past weekend, I knew some good news was on the horizon.


And to think, just last month we thought he’d never be back

Tiger Woods Broke Out His Sunday Red
Tiger Woods Broke Out His Sunday Red