Tiger Woods Says He May Never Play Competitive Golf Again

Just a month ago, we thought Tiger was on his way back. Fresh off those leaked nudes, his doctor finally gave him clearance to start chipping again and he even posted a video on IG showing it.

But today we’re finding out that Tiger may, in fact, not be back. According to him, he actually might not be back ever, which I’m not sure my brain can process because Tiger always comes back (before eventually getting injured again).

Now I don’t actually think Tiger is done for good. I have a feeling that he’s just keeping expectations low this time around. Too many times has he said that he feels he’s in the best shape of his life after coming back from an injury. Then everybody gets their hopes up for old Tiger and it never happens.

This time we assume he’ll never be back to old Tiger then if he somehow does it, the story is even better. Genius.

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