Paris Hilton Getting Hotter, Mooch On The Prowl & Buy Rick Pitino’s House!

Clemson at Syracuse won’t be much of a game tonight, right? That’s over on ESPN. There’s also Canadian Football on ESPN2 for my buddy Podcast Paul. You’ll also get late night gambling opportunities with Washington State and Cal. There’s also Yankees-Astros. That should take 5 hours and end at 1 a.m. EST. Plan your night accordingly.

Paris Hilton getting hotter?

The Mooch is out here chasing poon…here’s the latest

New signed OJ helmets have hit the market

Jon Gruden to Knoxville?

Buy Rick Pitino’s Louisville house

This Florida Woman gets naked, invades house, eats canned pineapples

Local TV station blurs out competition’s logo on van during shot…and it’s in San Diego!

Here’s Jessica from the Texas Pom Squad!

Game Action Punch of the Night

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HIT SOMEBODY! #chicagoblackhawks #NHL

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