Meet Jessica From The Texas Longhorns Pom Squad

Texas Longhorns pom squad member Jessica seems ready for this weekend’s Red River Shootout, which doesn’t mean nearly as much as it did before Iowa State went to Norman and planted a flag in the middle of the field. That said, it’s still the biggest rivalry between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River and college careers, like Jessica’s, are remembered for weekends like this one.

Here’s the good news for Texas: the Horns are 2-2 in the series since 2013. The bad news is that they only have 6 wins over OU since 2000. This is Herman’s big coming out party. Throw out the Maryland and USC losses. This is where he can start earning that huge $28.75 million deal.

One game at the Cotton Bowl. Careers are made. College years are remembered. It’s all on the line Saturday.

From Jessica’s bio:


• Has done some MotoGP umbrella girl work

• Can wakesurf

• Loves America