PJ Fleck Goes After Michigan — Says We Should Be Surprised When They Beat MSU, Not The Other Way Around


Now that PJ Fleck has himself a job in a big-time conference, it looks like he’s finally ready to start taking some shots. His first target: Michigan.
Yeah, Minnesota might be sitting on a 2-game losing streak, but they’re playing Michigan State this Saturday which gives Fleck a perfect opportunity to dunk on Michigan and Harbaugh, who’s the king of subtlely shitting on programs in press conferences.
It starts with the very first question when a reporter asks Fleck about being surprised that MSU upset the Wolverines last week. Not only was he not surprised, but he went the total opposite way, saying that we should all be surprised when Michigan actually beats their “little brother”.
Via MLive.com:

“I think they’ve beaten them 8 out of the last 10 times so I don’t think you can be surprised at all,” Fleck said during his Tuesday press conference. “I think it would almost be the other way. If Michigan beats Michigan State you should be surprised in these times.”
“Being where Michigan was ranked 7th that’s a big win for the Spartans,” he said. “A big win for their program and where they are in 2017 and where they will continue to go. Any time you have a big win like that with a young football team, that’s what creates that excitement, that enthusiasm and really propels you into the future.”

Now some folks (Michigan fans, obviously) are saying that he’s just hyping Sparty this week as a safety net and excuse for the probable loss on Saturday.
But I beg to differ. This all about going after Michigan. He clearly thinks they’re overrated (which they are) and now he’s just joining the party of coaches who have already taken their shots.

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