Gilbert Arenas Ruthlessly Lets Jahlil Okafor He’s Done in Philly

Former third overall pick Jahlil Okafor recently told SB Nation he’s “unsure” if he’s still a part of the Philadelphia 76ers‘ infamous process. Looking at the depth chart, the answer appears to be “no” considering the team is loaded with bigs — Joel Embiid, Rishaun Holmes, Amir Johnson, Dario Saric, etc. Basically he might get minutes if/when Embiid gets hurt. Not a great situation for Big Jah.

Former Wizard Gilbert Arenas chimed in when he saw that headline, and as per usual, held no punches and told the guy he’s getting traded for a washing machine:

😂😂😂😂 when they signed @joelembiid to that max deal, yo ass was like Michelle from destiny child “you are the weakest link #skedaddle” they about to Jackie moon you ass…..breaking news:: Delaware 87ers announced they traded away they washing machine for center JAHLIL he punches in bunches OKAFOR OKAFOR OKAFOR 😬😂😂 bye bye first class HELLO greyhound 💯💯

Savage, and this time we’re pretty sure this isn’t a publicity stunt by Gil.