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Did you watch any of the Golden Knights game last night?

I don’t know where Las Vegas found all those passionate hockey fans, but something is definitely brewing in Sin City with hockey. You know how I know? The crowd jumped to its feet as a defenseman made a pass to center ice to start a 3 on 2. It was a simple moment, but it caught my attention because we were led to believe that Vegas couldn’t possibly find enough fans that would know hockey to survive. Uh, this could end up being another Nashville where you have people who are learning about the game, but there’s also a nice base of knowledgable fans.

And then I caught James Neal ripping a turnaround wrister to give Vegas a 3-0 lead. They eventually won 5-2 and are 3-0.

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A real one ๐Ÿ’ฏ @champagnepapi

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